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Happy birthday to UnmetHours!! [closed]

asked 2015-08-31 20:21:56 -0500

updated 2017-04-02 20:05:47 -0500

It's now 365 days (at least where I'm sitting) since @Peter Ellis kicked off for the start of the first year of questions. I know I've learned an awful lot from the 1,345 questions we've seen over that time and I'm sure everyone else has too - all 1,046 of us.

I don't know if there's an official birthday announcement planned but I thought I'd make a shameless karma grab by sending this lovely cake I found!

Here's to many more questions answered, many more problems solved, and many more Unmet Hours!

image description

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Closed for the following reason not a real question by rraustad
close date 2015-12-20 09:05:11.923073

1 Answer

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answered 2015-12-18 16:18:09 -0500

A question marked as unanswerable will only stay on the unanswered list indefinitely unless someone says:

Happy Holidays UnmetHours!!

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