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OS:RunPeriodControl:SpecialDays is generated while can't be found in idf

asked 2015-08-28 00:52:17 -0600

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updated 2015-08-28 08:33:39 -0600

The OS:RunPeriodControl:SpecialDays is generated with Open Studio SDK, but in the translated IDF there is no this object? Does Open Studio support that?

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going to link to a related question. It doesn't answer your question but is related to it. I'll ask @macumber about this.

David Goldwasser's avatar David Goldwasser  ( 2015-08-28 09:00:25 -0600 )edit

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answered 2015-08-28 10:28:11 -0600

OpenStudio currently does not translate those objects to EnergyPlus. We should either add support for holidays to the schedule GUI or remove that object from the OpenStudio Model (so you can't make it in the API).

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UserVoice feature request is here if you want to vote on it :-)

macumber's avatar macumber  ( 2015-08-28 10:29:19 -0600 )edit

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