Unmet Load Hours in Hard Sized Mode

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updated 2020-03-10 09:51:02 -0500

I am setting an HVAC system in the baseline model to submit to LEED. Currently, I am using AUTO SIZED mode in a Air loop, in order to make the conditioning a zone, but I am getting unmetlod hours in a zone. What do not make sense for me is why the system is free to set his own capaccity and at the same time it is not able to reach the temperature setpoint, especially during the occupied cooling. Here is the link of with the file model and also the weather files:


The name of the zone where I am having problem is:


Any Ideias of what it is happening?

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No YELLING on UnmetHours please! :)

__AmirRoth__'s avatar __AmirRoth__  ( 2015-08-19 10:06:11 -0500 )edit

@hugopft did you already rule out the things suggested in the answer to this question? Running that Measure is a pretty good starting point.

aparker's avatar aparker  ( 2015-08-19 10:26:04 -0500 )edit

yes @aparker , I did and That Is the point : this is a simple zone (only one space ) and the air loop is Set to run in Auto Sized . So , it is belived que the program would be able to set the correct capacity of the HVAC equipments , but not . If you look at my model you will identify that these unmetloadhours are occorring During the afternoons.

hugopft's avatar hugopft  ( 2015-08-19 12:46:04 -0500 )edit

Even more strange is the problem I am having que in other model . I have already Reported it here ( https://unmethours.com/question/9988/... ) . In this case the unmetloadhours are occuring because I simply added the COST MEASURE to calculate the spending of my bulding with electronics.

hugopft's avatar hugopft  ( 2015-08-19 12:50:46 -0500 )edit