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Problem plugin OS 1.8.0 - Sketchup 2015 on xubuntu 15.04 (32 bits)

asked 2015-08-18 20:16:36 -0500

Mathieu L.'s avatar

updated 2016-10-20 19:59:38 -0500

Hi all,

i had to install xubuntu 15.04 a few days ago and i'm looking for a way to install OS 1.8 with sketchup 2015. I'm with a 32 bits version of xubuntu, and using wine 1.7.44.

Sketchup and OpenStudio are going well, but i'm still dealing with matters according to OS plugin... I'm installing the 32 bits versions, and Ruby 2.0.

My Wine cfg is windows 7.

So the problem is that, after installing OS 1.8.0, a message tells me that OS 1.8 64 bits is incompatible with Sketchup 2015 32 bits. To see what would happen with an OS 64 bits version, i installed one, and the message tells me the contrary: OS 1.8 32 bits is incompatible with Sketchup 2015 64 bits.

So it's funny, but i'm loosing my patience, and i'd like to know if some of you have an idea. I don't know if it comes from the libraries in Wine, the way i have to install ruby, etc.

For example: ruby --version ruby 2.1.2p95 (2014-05-08) [i386-linux-gnu] And in the file OpenStudio-config.rb we have “if RUBY_PLATFORM=='i386-mingw32' then require 'C:\Program Files\OpenStudio 1.7.5\Ruby\openstudio' else raise LoadError, '32-bit OpenStudio is incompatible with 64-bit SketchUp 2015'

Well, that's it. I'm lost and i really hope some one of you guys could give me some tips... I guess it's not that bad...

Thanks a lot!

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2 Answers

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answered 2015-08-19 10:55:27 -0500

I'll preface this by saying that running the OpenStudio SketchUp Plug-in under Wine is not supported. I suspect that your error message is due to this bug in the OpenStudio installer. You can try installing the SketchUp Plug-in manually following instructions here.

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answered 2015-08-19 12:29:08 -0500

Mathieu L.'s avatar

Hi all,

Thanks for your quick answer Dan.

First of all, do you want me to change the tags?

Next, the truth is that i already installed manually the plugin. In they say that you have to install in C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp. In windows i can believe, but with Wine i don't have such a folder. Howerver, i created it to chack, but nothing. So i installed in /home/user/.wine/dosdevices/c:/users/Public/Application Data/SketchUp/SketchUp 2015/SketchUp/Plugins/OpenStudio (or C:/users/Public/Application Data/SketchUp/SketchUp 2015/SketchUp/Plugins/OpenStudio).

3 "new" things: - i'm wondering if it's the name location in the OpenStudio-config.rb file that should be changes (C:\Program Files\OpenStudio 1.8.3\Ruby\openstudio). I tried some options, such as c:/Program\ Files/OpenStudio\ 1.8.3/Ruby/openstudio, but still don't have nothing). - the new manually installation generated a new error message i had a few days ago, when i first tried the installation: Error loading OpenStudio Sketchup Plug-In: 998: No access to memory location: -C:/Program Files/OpenStudio 1.8.3/Ruby/openstudio/ > this files is in the indicated folder; i wonder if it's a question of library, etc.?

Well, thanks again if someone has an idea... And thanks Dan for your quick answer!



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You are kind of on your own in Wine land, sorry but we just don't have any environments we can use to help you :-/

macumber's avatar macumber  ( 2015-08-19 15:35:39 -0500 )edit

Don't worry, that's OK.

For the ones who are swimming in the Wine land, some elements (Xubuntu 15.04 and Wine 1.7.44): - i confirm what says Xiao Shi Zi here: with Sketchup 2013 and OpenStudio 1.4, the plugin is working right. - Sketchup 2015 and OS 1.8 are working fine; just the plugin's problem

So there's a way to manage it, even if it's not 100% updated, nor eficient.

Thanks anyway

Mathieu L.'s avatar Mathieu L.  ( 2015-08-20 10:47:30 -0500 )edit

The message you are reporting is an installer error not a runtime error. I suspect you will be able to manually install the plugin, it seems like the issue is finding the plugin directory in the Wine filesystem. This article might be helpful.

macumber's avatar macumber  ( 2015-08-20 11:16:24 -0500 )edit

Thanks Dan!

I already tried all that, uninstalling, reinstalling, but without success...

I think you're right, but it's really strange that with SU2013 and OS 1.4 it does'nt look so complicated. As i say, i tried the plugin installation manually, in various ways and folders, but it's still worning me about the

What i don't get, is that the legacy plugin is working good...

Mathieu L.'s avatar Mathieu L.  ( 2015-08-20 13:09:55 -0500 )edit

Any warnings related to are likely due to different versions of Ruby used by SketchUp and OpenStudio or mismatch between 32 and 64 bit applications. Check this chart to make sure your version of OpenStudio is compatible with the version of SketchUp you have. Then check that both SketchUp and OpenStudio have the same architecture (32 or 64 bit).

macumber's avatar macumber  ( 2015-08-20 13:38:02 -0500 )edit

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