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From the Input Output Reference for AirTerminal:SingleDuct:VAV:Reheat for "Minimum Air Flow Fraction Schedule Name":

The reheat coil operates only when the damper is at this minimum flow rate when Damper Heating Action is set to Normal (the default). This field is used if the previous field is set to Scheduled. If the previous field is left blank (and the field Maximum Hot Water or Steam Flow Rate is set to autosize), then the air flow rate usedfor sizing normal-action reheat coils is the average of the minimum and maximum values in this schedule. The air flow rate used for reheat coil sizing is reported with other component sizing information as “Reheat Coil Sizing Air Volume Flow Rate.”

Is this consistent with the results you are seeing? If you have specified a heating design air flow rate which is larger than this, then it sounds like the Damper Heating Action should be "Reverse" or "ReverseWithLimits".